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If you've ever been late to work because your garage door decided to throw a tantrum, you know how crucial it is to keep that hunk of metal in tip-top shape. Woodrum Garage Door Repair gets that. Here's the skinny on some questions we hear from homeowners like you.

What Are Common Signs That My Garage Door Needs Repairs?

You'll want to listen up for weird noises or watch out for slow movement when opening and closing your garage door. If it's as stubborn as a mule and refuses to budge, well, then it’s time for some professional eyes on the problem.

Sometimes it acts like an overzealous guard dog—opening when not asked or closing unexpectedly—and that can be just plain dangerous. Uneven hanging? Yep, another red flag waving at you.

Can I Fix My Own Garage Door Opener?

A brave soul might take a crack at fixing their own opener with online tutorials guiding them through every step like baking cookies with grandma; but let me tell ya—it's not always as easy-peasy lemon squeezy as they make it look.

Your best bet? Give us a call so we can send someone who knows their way around those intricate parts better than they know their mother-in-law’s birthday party routine.

When Should I Consider Replacing My Entire Garage Door Instead of Just Repairing It?

If your garage door has seen more seasons change than your favorite year-round holiday decorations, repairs might feel akin to putting lipstick on a pig—a new one could save energy and improve safety overall.

Bent panels looking sad? A total replacement could give the face of your home such fresh curb appeal neighbors will think Martha Stewart swung by while they were sleeping.

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